Photos from Etsy Made Local at Tramshed

I hope you were there, it was amazing!

Just over three weeks ago CAVETSY threw our AMESOME Etsy Made Local in Tramshed Cardiff! We had a ball, and then the rest of December rushed by in a flurry of Holiday orders so I never got a chance to share photos but here they are 🙂

I was pretty busy all day so I didn’t get to spend all that much time with my camera, but I did see lots of other people with cameras so if you took any shots please share them with us 🙂 we’d really really love to see them! or on facebook or twitter

I also want to say a HUGE thank you to the amazing acts that we had on the day, you were all truly wonderful and you added so so so much to the day,  so extra special thank you to Affinity Female Voice Choir, The O’Donnell School of Irish DancingCardiff University A Cappella SocietyRiversystemThe Brothers Blythe, and Triangle Estate

We also had a stunning line up of workshops with lots of happy participants, thanks to Yukiko Wilson for our Japanese Tea Ceremony, Green City Events for our Upcycled Christmas Crafts and Twin made for the clockmaking.

AND we raised £168.42 for the wonderful people at Velindre Cancer Centre, we hope the money helps, and we encourage anyone feeling generous over the holidays (and any other time) to give give give to this amazing charity!


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