Product Photography Workshop This Saturday

Since we started CAVETSY everyone has been eager for a product photography session so this weekend its happening! We have a few tickets left and its open to the general public too. This is a chance for you to get some tips and work together to make the best photos you can. Selling online photography can make or break you, and the cost of a photographer to a new business is often prohibitive.

Over the years I’ve put a lot of work and effort and mistakes into getting my photos from this


to this

2015-09-27 constellation cufflinks 125








and from this

Penguin 2

to this

2016-01-22 earrings on helen 079 BRIGHT opposite

and I’m happy to pass on that info and save you some work! You can see more of my photos on my Etsy store.

I will be running the workshop with buckets of help from Shirley Smith of Ffigys Designs and Chloe Jenkins of Cariad Clay both of whom have amazing photos on their ace etsy shops, and it should be a great, fun, educational day.

So click here to get yourself a ticket, it’s only £15, we’re just covering our costs! You’re not going to get a better deal then that!

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