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On the run up to our Etsy Made Local event at the Bierkeller, Wood Street, Cardiff on December 3rd we thought we’d tempt you with a selection of some of the 50+ makers that will be at the event.

First up we have Charlotte from Twin Made.  Charlotte, originally from Dorset, has lived in Cardiff for 15 years and runs her business Twin Made from a colourful and creative shipping container at the Bone Yard, Canton.  A ‘twin who creates and makes’, Charlotte has been selling on Etsy for 9 years.


When do you feel the most creative?                          IMG_20171019_073734_097

Normally when I am just about to go to bed.


Besides Twin Made, what else are you known for?

Creative Workshops


We live in such a mass produced, buy-it-now world, why should we continue to buy handmade?

So all us bedroom crafters can eventually give up our day jobs and to see my ‘sold something I made’ dance.


IMG_20171102_093756_314What is your most memorable sale?

Kathy Burke purchased one of our TweetXStitches!


Tell me about some of the people you’ve met while working on your business?



Who would be your dream celebrity customer?

The queen Beyoncé


IMG_20171029_133919_266What one thing in the world would you most like to own?

I recently, with a little help, made a pompom cape which is being auctioned off for charity by Lucky Dip Club. I may have to make my own.


Who do you admire in your industry? Awesome and inspiring ladies such as Helen of Nelly’s Treasures, Emily England and Leona from Lucky Dip Club.


What is the one business lesson you wished you hadn’t learnt the hard way?

Do not take commissions just for the money as they are no fun to create.



What are your top gifts for men?IMG_20171104_134910_832

Personalised stitched WiFi passwords


And, finally, for fun.  Christmas tree – real or fake?

Fake. Preferably Rainbow



You can find Charlotte at our Etsy Made Local event on the 3rd December or in the following places.

Etsy                    Facebook                    Twitter                    Instagram                    Website


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