A more personal take on Etsy Made Local

So on Friday I did a blog post about the amazing Etsy Made Local Shop opening in Cardiff on November 24th. But today I wanted to get a little more personal with it and share why I personally am so excited about it.

At craft party in June I met most of my fellow team leaders, Amanda, Shirley and Andrea, the three of them stepped up to say they would help with the epic organisational job that etsy made local is…. Kath got cornered by me at a yoga event and told she MUST get on Etsy 🙂

I can 100% say that Etsy Made Local, would not be happening if these fab women hadn’t stepped up. No chance I could have pulled this off alone!

As a team of 5 we set out to build a team that helped everyone in it and allowed more people to join in if they wished. We ran some work on your shop events, and a wonderful social media evening  …that I will post about later, and we got planning for Etsy Made Local.

And I’m sooooooo proud of what we’ve achieved! Yes I’m gushing but so what! This is going to be a truly unique shop! There will be demonstrations and workshops for you to watch or participate in, which we’re all excited about, and it’s a city centre selling platform for all our small businesses during the crazy Christmas rush. But what I’m most proud of is that every penny spent…with the exception of card transaction fees…goes straight to the maker.

CAVETSY is strictly a non profit group, no one is making money off this event …..aside from what stock they sell. Ordinarily when a maker exhibits, the shop or gallery takes commission on sales, which can be anything up to 50% sometimes more when VAT is considered. And I totally understand why shops/galleries do this, the organisation has been time consuming to say the least, plus staffing costs, shop rates all of that adds up. The makers will be staffing CAVETSY Etsy Made Local and Capitol have been very decent with the rent, so we are in a privileged position. Yet while understandable, the commission can be pretty crippling for a small business trying to get up and running and stay competitively priced. CAVETSY Etsy Made Local will not be taking commission. Everyone has chipped in equally for the rent, rates etc, this is team and co operative working in the truest sense of the words.

From the offset I wanted this event and the group in general to be a chance for makers to really grow their business through helping each other and not having anyone skim off the top. I know that sounds very goody two shoes, but I got a lot of help along the way getting my business built up, and without that help I wouldn’t have managed. I don’t see other makers as my competition I see them as my colleagues.

So I’m really really proud of what we’ve pulled off! And with that in mind over the next few blog posts, I’d like to highlight the other team leaders which have made this happen!  You’re fantastic guys!