Team Leader Amanda of Gorgeous Glass Designs

This is the week I gush about the amazing team leaders we have in #CAVETSY they’re all fab, and equally so, so I’ll be alphabetical about it!

First up we have Amanda of Gorgeous Glass Designs, like myself she is a foreigner who came over here and started her own small business thus helping to provide the backbone of the economy…. funny how we never hear about those foreigners in the papers! Ok ok I’ll get off my soap box, just saying!

Originally she hails from Australia, growing up on a secluded farm she watched fascinated as her mother made beautiful pieces of stained glass, and infected her with the making bug. She learned the skills she needed from her mother, and with ideas flowing in her mind she moved to the city, had some adventures, met her lovely husband Pat and ended up in the valleys of South Wales!

Cube Pyramid SquareOnce here, she went back to the glass work she’d always loved, set up her studio and started making. Her glass studio is a thing of beauty, I walked in and never wanted to leave! So many lovely colours of glass being turned into lovely pieces of art, it’s my sort of place!


A relative new comer to Etsy she has already really got the hang of it, her photos are great, descriptions spot on, but even still they don’t get across how fab her work is!

Lots of her beautiful work will be on display and for sale at Etsy Made Local Cardiff, so I recommend coming down to see it.
mirror - wovenMy favourite piece from her Etsy shop is this beautiful mirror, although I love lots of her work… I said from the start there would be gushing!

I can definitely see myself putting a few pieces of her work around the house over the next while. I especially love her terrariums, I’m low on surfaces to put them on, but I’m trying to find a way! terrarium edge

Amanda has been invaluable getting everything organised for Etsy Made Local. She’s even stepped up to do the unenviable task of staffing rotas, just the thought of which makes me want to cry! She’s held countless organisational meetings at her house, often with cake, yummy yummy vegan chocolate cake droooollll….sorry momentarily distracted there! And herself and her husband Pat have organised our point of sale system and most everything IT related, so we would have been lost without you Amanda, thanks for stepping up and getting involved 🙂