Meet the Maker – Baked by Lou

Next up in our ‘Meet the Maker’ series is Louisa of Baked by Lou who makes one of a kind, bold, wearable art in her Cardiff studio. You can find her entirely handmade jewellery and accessories on her etsy shop launched earlier this year.

Besides Baked by Lou what else are you known for?

Not ‘known’ in a famous way haha, but by day I work in education and deliver training you apprentices. I feel very fortunate in this role, supporting young people to gain qualifications in a subject their passionate about.

il_570xN_1358737334_suwwTell me about some of the people you’ve met while working on your business.

I could go on forever, what I’ve really noticed is the openness and friendliness of the creative community.  Lots of people supporting each other.  I’ve spent lots of time with Fizz Goes Pop who I met through creative adventures, we had a wonderful collaborative photoshoot in the summer and love bouncing ideas off each other.  All my fellow Cavestys are mega supportive too and I’ve had lots of advice sent my way when I’ve been stuck including from Nelly’s Treasures, In Rainbows and Twin Made.

Who do you admire in your industry?

I admire many people and especially those I see out there who have worked their butts off for a number of years whilst working full time and then have been able to make their passion a full time venture. There’s a wonderful maker I love called Buried Diamond who makes the most fun brightest charms and jewellery.

il_570xN_1230748038_l8mxWhen do you feel the most creative?

I try not to schedule time to be creative as I feel like if I set a pocket of time aside I add pressure on myself to be productive and get stuff done. I usually feel most creative when I settle myself into my home studio, with a cuppa, my cat and some music and just start to experiment with clay!


What are your top gifts?

Dangle earrings are definitely my best seller and top gifts for anyone!

I’ve got lots of lovely incense holders which are a super go to gift for any home and I’ve started making larger pots for flowers and cacti.

Who would be your dream celebrity customer?

Ooooooh that’s a tough one, I’d love to see Pru Leath on Bake off in one of my necklaces! Haha. Most certainly Camille Walala in any of my pieces.

il_570xN_1349064244_3dakWhat is your most memorable sale?

It was when I very first opened my Esty shop, it was one of the first few sales and it was heading to New York! This was very exciting as it’s one of my favourite places

And finally, just for fun, Christmas tree – real or fake?

I do have a fake tree, BUT this year we moved house and next year after we’ve decorated I’m determined to have a real tree for those real cottage vibes!

Find Baked by Lou and other top Welsh Etsy sellers at the Etsy Made Local event at the Bierkeller, Cardiff on Sunday 3rd December.

You can also find Louisa’s work here.

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