Meet the Maker – Ffiona’s Felt Crafts

Creating felt decorations is Ffiona of Ffiona’s Felt Crafts passion. It started as a hobby for her and now she cannot stop! A mum to two young children she works from her home in Cardiff and has been selling on Etsy for almost a year.

23722365_1845363259108107_4697766210992511790_nBesides Ffiona’s Felt Crafts what else are you known for?

Being busy and planning, I can’t stop!

Tell me about some of the people you’ve met while working on your business?

I’ve met so many people, many are mummy crafters that are inspired by their families to work hard and achieve something that they love, for themselves around their kids.

Who do you admire in your industry?

Lots of people that appreciate handmade and take a risk entrusting me to create what they are dreaming of.

23621403_1844353409209092_1116048139763737343_nWhat is the one business lesson you wished you hadn’t learnt the hard way?

Being confident enough to ask for money upfront for an order.


23755273_1846112982366468_5201273257773473964_nWe live in such a mass produced, buy-it-now world, why should we continue to buy handmade?

Handmade is made with love, you get tailored customer service and what you buy is created to a high standard and by someone who cares.

When do you feel the most creative?

When someone emails asking for me to create a bespoke decoration that they have been dreaming of. I feel so inspired and confident designed what they want.

What are your top gifts for children?

Banners, nursery and bedroom décor.

24068245_1848336852144081_3575059097138581798_nWho would be your dream celebrity customer?

A yummy mummy, the likes of Stacey Soloman or Holly Willougby. They love their kids and their followers would be my perfect target audience.

What is your most memorable sale?

A rainbow for a little boy, Henry, who sadly lost his twin sister. His Mum runs a charity in her name, Annie’s rainbows, which supports the local NICU. His auntie bought it for him in memory of his sister.

And finally, just for fun. Christmas tree – real or fake?

I adore real trees but with 2 kids, a dog and a cat, I succumbed to a fakey! But I miss the smell but most definitely not the pine needles!


Find Ffiona’s Felt Crafts and other top Welsh Etsy sellers at the Etsy Made Local event at the Bierkeller, Cardiff on Sunday 3rd December.

You can also find Ffiona’s work here.

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