Meet The Maker – Paper Vita, Folk Soap, Eastern Sapphire

We are finishing the week with a look into some amazing local crafters who will be selling at this year’s EML at Tramshed, Cardiff on 2nd December.

As the season is certainly changing we thought we would share a very autumnal collection of stall holders who are bound to put you in the mood for a little relaxation and personal time. Of course, we could all be kind and gift such lovely creations to others and spread the love but we sought of knew these are making our personal wish lists.

Paper Vita

unnamed (3)readyFirs,t we have the lovely Kate from Paper Vita, an illustrator from Cardiff. Her botanical and nature-inspired prints are truly awe-inspiring and it’s no wonder she’s become quite popular on Instagram with her wonderful

photos and insights into her latest collections.

“Getting out for a walk in the countryside or along the coast gives me quite a lot of clarity and room for ideas to flow. Sometimes a big cup of cappuccino also does the trick!”


Lets start it off easy. Tell us a little about yourself and your business 

I moved to Cardiff a few years ago to attend Cardiff University and since then I’ve been teaching for the last few years. The name ‘Papervita’ comes from my love of all things paper. I’m a bit obsessed with stationery and books! I saw the word ‘vita’ on holiday last summer in Italy which means ‘life’ so I thought it was perfect. Last summer I decided to start sharing my artwork online and this year I’ve begun selling my art through Etsy. My art prints come from original illustrations created with micron pens and usually feature florals, animals and the night sky. I love anything a bit magical or a bit quirky and I also want to try and translate my love for the outdoors and nature into my work. I really enjoy creating custom designs. I think this is my favourite part of my business as each creation is totally unique and personal to the customer.


unnamed (2)readyWhat skill and techniques do you need to create your products? 

A lot of the time I’m unsure what the finished product will look like but I usually have a rough idea. That’s what I love about the process and how it can end up totally different than what you first planned. Sometimes I might sketch out a quick outline in pencil but usually, the floral parts of my work are completely random. I use micron pens to create fine lines and my favourite part is adding the night sky which is found in the majority of my work. I’ll use a white metallic pen to add finishing touches to the night sky including shooting stars.


unnamed (1)readyWhere did it all begin and where do you see yourself going? 

I’ve always enjoyed making things. When I was very young I set up a shop in my bedroom selling posters and badges to raise money for wildlife charities. My creative side was also encouraged by my grandfather who bought me a watercolour set and easel when I was 8 years old. I come from a family of makers so it’s always seemed quite a natural thing to allocate part of my day to being creative. When I was decorating my little girl’s nursery I wanted some art prints to go on her wall and I couldn’t quite find what I wanted so I made some myself. I guess it all started from there. I want to continue to expand my product range. I’ve recently introduced cards so I would love to one day have my cards and prints stocked in a few shops. I used to collect enamel pins when I was younger and I’d love to start putting some designs on these as well.

We are certainly getting into the festive spirit with her golden winter mountain prints, we can already picture it up on our wall nestled among other Cardiff and Valley Creative illustrators.


unnamedreadyWhat is your favourite part of EML? 

This is the first time I’ve been involved with Etsy Made Local and I’m excited to meet other local makers and talk about their craft and experiences.

Kate can be found relaxing in the bath, book in hand enjoying a good glass of wine to unwind. If you fancy a little browse of her products or more of an insight into her work head over to her facebook page or Etsy.


Folk soap

We are delighted to introduce Pauline of Folk Soap. A regular at our EML events and certainly one not to miss out on this year. Pauline makes the most sumptuous soaps that you would want to cherish for years to come, but in doing so none of your lovely guests or friends would be able to share in the experience and enjoyment that they bring resulting in us keeping a little stockpile ready for any occasion.


My soap recipes are based on ingredients that have been used for generations for their healing properties, the soap is not always pretty to look at, fancy soaps are not my thing!! environmentally friendly and sustainable soaps that help with an ongoing healthy skin plan are what I aim to promote.”



What skill and techniques do you need to create your products? 

Cooking, Cleaning, Stamina, Graphic/Web Design, Research/Learning, People, Accounting

Whilst we’re fighting over her Coconut and Aloe Vera soap bars and wondering whether or not the partner deserves the conditioning beard balm we discuss what inspires Folk Soaps creativity.


What most inspires your creativity?

I am inspired by ancient remedies created from Celtic, Indian, Chinese herbs and spices and environmental issues. My soaps include ingredients that have been used for generations for their healing properties. The packaging reflects the brand with a Celtic tree of life design, I designed this myself and kept in mind the impact on the environment my choice of ingredients and packaging materials would make.


Where did it all begin and where do you see yourself going? 

My grandmother was self sufficient and made her own soap from animal fat!! lard makes a wonderful soap but I don’t fancy spreading it on my face….. I was taught to make soap by her. I never considered about making a business out of it until I became unemployed through a family illness, I had to stay home and become a carer. I needed a creative outlet to keep me sane and soap-making as a business started from there. I took almost a year to perfect the recipes I sell, build my own website, Etsy store and social media platforms. I applied for weekend work at local farmers markets and Fayres so that I could promote the soaps. I hope to expand to a workshop in the near future and employ staff, the business is growing slowly. I would like to have a successful business that helps the many sufferers of irritating skin conditions, while being kind to the environment.


What is your favourite part of EML? 

Getting to meet the public and other makers

Stepping into the realms of holistic and eco-friendly Folk Soap has crept up to the top of our wishlist. If you’d like to continue your admiration of such incredible handmade delights head over to Folksoaps Etsy Page or catch them over on Instagram and facebook for all your social updates. In the meantime, Pauline’s cwtching up in bed after a productive day and loves nothing better than unwinding with a good film and snacks 😉



Eastern Saphire


To finish this weeks EML Meet The Maker we are excited to showcase the lovely Pyogrpahy works of Eastern Sapphire Designs. A modern twist to the very traditional craft has left us giddy and admirable for the craft and Rachels wonderful wall hangings.

What is your chosen craft/trade? 

I am a pyrographer. This involves using a small hand-held wood burning tool to burn designs into wood. I also create hand-painted wooden slices.

“I’m from a very creative family. My lovely Nan used to make lovely handmade cards, my mum is a whiz on the sewing machine and my sister is a master of knitting and making. I’ve been wood burning for around 4 years now. I just love the unique individuality of each piece of wood.”



What skill and techniques do you need to create your products? 

Wood burning is a super time consuming process. So a little bit of patience helps. I have a very visual way of thinking. So I will look at a piece of wood and visualize a design for it. So a creative way of thinking is a bonus. A steady hand helps with my hand painted wooden slices.


1ready“Eastern Sapphire Designs all began about 5 and a half years ago when I was sitting in my little 1 bedroom flat feeling creative. I grabbed a pad and some sharpies and just began doodling. I then discovered mandalas and instantly became addicted to drawing them, I set up a little Instagram page and entered the creative hive of makers. I came across wood burning on Instagram. And thought it looked cool. So I went off and bought myself a little wood burning pen. That was it…..I was addicted. Fast forward a few years and here we are now. I would love to eventually be able to have a part time job and run Eastern Sapphire Designs part time and to spend most of my time in my little craft room. But I’m quite happy just sharing my little creations with everyone.”

What most inspires your creativity?

I am mostly inspired by the outdoors. I love discovering new places. Although sometimes a design just pops into my head and I have to quickly sketch it down before I forget it.

Like so many of us Rachel takes her inspiration from nature and stepping out of the everyday routine, we asked Rachel where it all began.


We are so glad that Rachel has found her true calling for such a fun and intricate craft and we are very happy that she enjoys sharing her beautiful creations with us. One of our favorite pieces has to be the Nautical design wall hanging; the detailing and lovely raw edge makes it the perfect one of a kind gift for any home.

What is your favourite part of EML? 

My favourite part of Etsy Made Local is meeting all the other makers and shakers. I also love meeting my customers and sparking their own little flame of creativity.

When Rachels not busy working on her creations she’s chilling out on the sofa dog by her side with a cosy blanket welcoming in the change in season. In the mean time if you want to follow her progression and check out some of her work for yourself head over to her Etsy store, follow her on Facebook and Instagram

3 (1)ready

We’ve already got our favourites bookmarked for the week and can say safely say we’re following suit and getting the bath running, snuggling down with a good book or chilling by the TV to scrape together a few precious minutes to unwind before the mayhem of November truly sets in.



In the meantime head over the Cardiff And Valleys Creatives Facebook page and check out the Etsy Made Local event to find out more information about the stall holders and entertainment.