Meet The Maker – Cariad Clay, HemmorBroids, Meri Wirth Papercut Art

This week over at EML HQ we have been getting over hump day by obsessing over some incredible paper craft, ceramics and embroidery work.


Cariad Clay

chloereadyI’ll start the ball rolling with the very talented Chloe Jenkins of Cariad Clay; spotted rambling through parks in search for the perfect leaf or at home in front of the kiln. Chloe creates the most delicate and modern ceramic design that I think you can agree we would love to have sprinkled around our house in every little corner


“I make ceramics from my home studio in the Welsh valleys, I am inspired mostly by nature and the changing seasons.”


What skill and techniques do you need to create your products? 

Anyone can make something from clay, but having the patience to let it dry and paint it after is a skill on it’s own.


unnamedWe think Chloe has been quite modest in her creative abilities she has actually been howning in on her skills for over 15’s and I think we can all agree they are as close to perfection as we dare to dream.
“ I did pottery in school and loved it, 15 years ago I found a local evening class and started to learn again. I make everything by hand but would love to learn how to wheel throw in the future.”



What most inspires your creativity?

Definitely nature, in the spring I usually roll flowers into clay, or make meadow tiles with lots of bright colours. I spend a big part of my summer in West Wales where my parents live, so the sea and the coast usually features more heavily in my work in then. Autumn is my favourite season and the changing trees always make me want to make lots of ceramic leaves.

unnamed (2)What is your favourite part of EML? 

I love seeing all the other stalls, what people are making and catching up with team members. I also find lots of inspiration in talking with customers, it’s great to have face to face feedback and ideas.




We absolutely love Cariad Clays hanging moons, especially with the pearlescent beads and lovely textures imprinted into the Chloe. Why not save yourself the hassle of finding the perfect gift for someone else or even yourself (because they are just too good to share) over on her Etsy store

unnamed (1)When Chloe’s not getting overly excited like the rest of us over the intricate beads and textures of her work she can be found relaxing with a good book between projects. You can also find her over on her Facebook and Instagram pages.







Heading over a little east of Cardiff we find ourselves frantically searching for the perfect witty gift, the kind that puts a childlike smirk on our face but none the less leaves us gracefully adoring Lucy Parsons brilliantly handmade items.


“HemmorBroids combines my love of bad puns with embroidery. I use puns that illustrate an introvert’s inner thoughts and are #relateable.”


What most inspires your creativity?

The thoughts I have in social situations.




What skill and techniques do you need to create your products? 

You definitely need a lot of patience, especially when the thread keeps getting knotted so mindfulness and meditation comes in handy!

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Where did it all begin and where do you see yourself going? 

I started my business last year and hope to have a multi million pound company by next month! Just kidding, but not really.

One of the newer members of the Cardiff and Valleys Creative group I think we can all agree that Lucy is certainly a welcoming site of modern embroidery that resonates with our ethos of positivity and creativity.


A particular favourite has to be her Avacadon’t Tees as it just shows such patients and skill whilst encouraging our mild avocado obsession.

What is your favourite part of EML? 

Getting to meet other likeminded creatives.

Like many of us Lucy finds sanctuary nestled between the sheets of her bed but if you don’t fancy that awkward social encounter you can always spot her on facebook and Instagram

Head over to her Etsy page for even more humorous delights.


Mari Wirth

MariWirthreadyWe take our final peek into Etsy Made Local today into the wonderful papercraft of Mari Wirth. Originally from Japan but moved to South Wales roughly 20 years ago she’s taken a particular interest in making intricate cards, prints and collectibles inspired by nature and wildlife of her surrounding Welsh countryside.



What is your chosen Craft/Trade?

“I’ve been fascinated of creating light and shadow by cutting paper, making no-fuzzy solid lines. Recently my interest is in lampshade. The silhouette, which the wildlife-themed paper-cut, adds the atmosphere in the evening.”

Greeting Card

“…I studied visual design and worked as a graphic designer in Japan. Then I gained MBA and MSc, and have done various jobs until having started working as a graphic designer again. My main work is paper-cut art. My main material is paper. I am very aware of sustainability. So I use eco-friendly materials, for example, paper made by wind-powered energy source, recycled paper etc. I create my artwork as well as gifts & collectibles in various ways, such as original paper-cut, laser-cut, screen print as my artwork, and greeting cards, paper-light, very recently cushions as gifts.”



What Inspired your creativity?

“The wildlife in Wales, wild plants, wild animals and creature are my fascination and the source of my inspiration. I feel very lucky with where I live, near by the meadows, the woods and the coast. Silhouette, which light and shadow makes, inspires me and is the intrinsic element for my paper-cut artwork.”



With a sharp eye on detail and steady hand Mari’s work is the perfect addition to any cozy home setting, I’m sure you would agree we can all cwtch into our favourite nook and appreciate the skill that comes from years of practice, whilst being reassured that her products are sustainably sourced and made to a high quality.

“My main technique is cutting. I’ve tried various kinds of knives, and ended up with an ordinary cutting knife (made in Japan) to cut all big or small parts on a sheet of paper. Patience: As my artwork is usually quite intricate, I need to concentrate on where to be cut with a knife. It takes ages, so patience is ultimately important. Otherwise I ruin my precious artwork in a blink of an eye! Luckily it hasn’t happened for years now.”

Where did it all begin and where do you see yourself going? 

I was very envious of students who studied printing, while I was a visual design student. It was very natural that I took part in a brush-up workshop of screen print after a long break. What I brought was a piece of paper-cut image, which I initially thought as a stencil. That was the beginning of my paper-cut. As I regard myself as a graphic designer and illustrator, I’ll carry on graphic design and illustration based on paper-cut art. In addition to that, I’ll widen my range of gift products. It’s a great fun to do the business what sort of products can be possibly created from my paper-cut art.


What is your favourite part of EML? 

It is my ever first appearance at EML. So, I’m very excited about being part of EML. I’m very looking forward to getting to know many makers and visitors. As I’m one of the organisers of a craft fair (much smaller, though), I can imagine how hard the EML organisers have been working for the event successful. Helping part of the EML event will be also my favourite part of EML.

When Mari isn’t at the work table with a steady hand and head full of wonder and curiosities she loves to relax outdoors taking inspiration and finding a few spare moments of the day to unwind in the woodlands nearby. If you’d like to have a browse of her work before meeting them in all their glory on the 2nd of December at the Tramshed then head over to her Etsy store or Social media Pages.

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