Meet The Maker – Red Vessel Designs, Rhian Kate Makes, Cosmina Design Studio

We’re closing this weeks Meet the Makers with a little collection of curiosities and all things inspired by nature and the greater universe. If your interested in quirky gifts, illustrations and handmade jewellery this is the post for you! So grab yourself a cuppa, a couples of your favourites biscuits (or maybe just bring the whole pack – who are we kidding) and enjoy the online meet and greet with these three lovely ladies.

Red Vessel Designs

IMG_4325readyI’m Lucy, a 24 year old from Cardiff. I am a recent graduate from the University of South Wales and under my brand Red Vessel Designs I create handcrafted gifts, fashion, accessories and home-decor inspired by my love of tattoo art. Other things I love include cats, pizza and the colour black!

What is your chosen craft/trade? 

My products initially start as hand drawn illustrations. These illustrations are then transformed onto products using a variety of creative techniques, products include hand engraved drinking glasses, handmade greetings cards, polymer clay notebooks, printed accessories and textiles.

What skill and techniques do you need to create your products? 

Creativity including illustration skills, hand engraving, clay sculpting techniques, sewing, paper-craft techniques, digital skills… the list goes on… plus the determination of wanting to own my own business.

DSC_0282readyLucy may be new to the business world but with her collection of creative skills and ambition we are sure to find her products in local stores in no time.

What most inspires your creativity?

I have a huge passion for handcrafted items as I believe they are so much more special than mass-produced, factory made alternatives. All of my handcrafted products initially start as hand drawn illustrations that are usually inspired by tattoo art or alternative themes.

Where did it all begin and where do you see yourself going? 

I started my business in February 2018 as part of my university degree as I wanted to highlight how amazing hand-crafted items can be. I have continued to grow my shop selling through local shops, Etsy and through my website. I am really excited to be attending Etsy Made Local and I hope I can continue to create my products (as I love them!)

DSC_1897readyWe are very excited to have Lucy join the team this year and can’t wait to get up close to her jars of pickled body parts! The perfect trinket to add to the bathroom counter that would put a grin on any guests face.

What is your favourite part of EML? 

This year will be my first time at an Etsy Made Local event but I am looking forward to meeting some of the people behind some of my favourite Etsy shops. It’s exciting to think that we are all from the same area, Cardiff and The Vale is full of lots of talented people!

Where is your favourite place to relax and unwind after a busy day 

If I have had a busy day I want nothing more than to stretch out in bed and work my way through a box-set (ideally with a take away pizza!) However, this is quite rare as even when I do get time to relax in bed I start thinking of the next product range or a new design… I always feel like I have something to get on with!

DSC_0029readyIf you don’t fancy meeting up with Lucy catching up on your favourite series, pizza in hand then you can grab a slice of the action on her Facebook or Instagram pages on the run up to the event.



Rhian Kate

IMG_2744 (1)readyOur second maker is the lovely Rhian of Rhian Kate Makes, jewellery maker of awe-inspiring skill and creativity. Based in Cardiff where she graduated in 2016 we find it hard to believe she’s only been doing this for a few years!



My handmade business is inspired by the moon the solar system and geometric shapes, I love creating products that are light weight and affordable with out compromising on quality. I use a variety of materials to make for interesting designs I use- silver, pewter, brass, copper and acrylic. A little bit about me- I love the colour yellow and I love cats, cups of tea and walking.”

Tinymoon earringsreadyWhat skill and techniques do you need to create your products? 

I use a few different techniques to make my products such as- soldiering, casting, laser cutting, drilling and there’s probably a few more.




Rhian is being very modest about her skills and abilities, we’re certain she also collects stars and space dust at night to make her collections seem extraordinary.brass ringready

Where did it all begin and where do you see yourself going? 

It all began for me at uni knowing I wanted to make and sell so then when I finished I went straight into starting my business and I’ve been working on it ever since. One day I’d love to have a small team who help the overall running of the business but keeping that handmade quality.


What is your favourite part of EML? 

The community feel, we’re all designers and makers it’s a chance to show everyone what it is we do but having that general support from everyone I think it’s great!

copper geosreadyOne of our favourites has to be the copper, acrylic and pewter earrings Her choice of colours and combination of materials results in a modern, very elegant style that will make you rush off to get your ears pierced just so you can wear these stunning earrings.

Rhian spends her down time chilling with a cup of tea and snuggling down to watch a cheesy rom-com, if you’d like to follow her progress or find out where else to see her jewellery in person then head over to her Facebook or Instagram page. We’re sure you’ll be just as mesmerised as we are.

Cosmina Designs

5readyOur final crafter and stall holder of this weeks Meet The Maker is the very talented illustrator, Cosmina of Cosmina Design Studio – if Scandi decorations, chiromancy or quirky cards is what you’re after then she’s your gal.


Lets start it off easy. Tell us a little about yourself and your business 

My name is Cosmina, I am a designer and illustrator living in Penarth, Wales. I work as a digital designer full time for a local software company. I started CosmicDesignStudio 2 years ago as I used to miss making physical objects and creating things just for the sake of it. For me, it is a place for all the random ideas I get for cards and cute gifts and a space to express my views and passions in a fun, light-hearted way.

2readyWhat is your chosen craft/trade? 

I think illustration and design will always remain at the forefront of my work and will constantly be a big part of any product I sell and I couldn’t imagine things being otherwise.

I draw most of my products using both traditional and digital techniques and I occasionally carve lino blocks for hand printing. I am constantly experimenting with new skills and techniques. Right now I am quite interested in creating with clay. I also like painting and calligraphy.”

What most inspires your creativity?

I find inspiration in pretty much everything, but it’s often pop culture and social issues as well as nature that become the main themes of my artwork.


Where did it all begin and where do you see yourself going? 

I used to create things for as long as I can remember, even when I was young I preferred making or “improving” my toys. Over time I felt more and more determined to create a space of my own for my ideas and it really motivated me to start a business. I would like CosmicDesignStudio to continue growing to a point where it’s easily recognisable as a brand and the products are not only beautiful but also meaningful to the customers.

What is your favourite part of EML? 

I think EML is such a fantastic opportunity for shops of all types and sizes to connect with their audience and meet their local communities. The chance to put together an event with a group of people that share a common passion for making and selling their work really brings the community of Etsy sellers closer together and helps us all network and build our businesses by sharing our knowledge and learning from each other.

4readyOur fave-make has to be the very adorable Otter card, perfect for giving to that special person or furry semi-aquatic friend in your life.

Cosmina relaxes like a lot of us snuggling with her two cats, George and Pebble on the sofa with tea in hand, no doubt thinking up some more perfectly designed ideas for us all to enjoy. Head over to her Facebook for even more delights.


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