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Fragment Designs


Keum-boo Set-6 - Sarah-Jane EganeditThis Meet the Maker post brings us two of our very popular and well-known regulars of CaVEtsy Etsy Made Local. From custom made jewellery to intricate and tactile woodturning. Our first maker is Sarah Jane Egan of Fragment Designs, a goldsmith and jeweller who takes inspiration from her furry little rabbit friends, nature as well as her background in geology and physics. 


We asked Sarah to tell us a little more about her business and where it all originated from:

“A random class on a Saturday afternoon with a friend, it was a ring making workshop in a beading shop and I got hooked! So I followed it up with lots of courses here and there, bought myself some tools and went for it! I see myself continuing making until retirement and hopefully past it, but adding new techniques and materials along the way, I’m hopeful that working for myself I can continue to have a job I love, support myself and be there for my child growing up.”


Ripple Rings-18 - Sarah-Jane EganeditWe love that Sarah has a fiery passion and ambitions to see her through into her golden years and can’t wait to see how it evolves throughout the years to come. 


What skills or techniques do you need to create your products? 

So many! Soldering, piercing; which is saw work, finishing like filing sanding polishing etc, knowledge of different metals and materials and their properties. And then all the additional business skills since I am a one woman business, so accounting, photography, web design, retailing, packing, customer service etc etc


Multiple stone set rings (4 of 4) - Sarah-Jane EganeditWe’re so excited to see all of the new products and creations that have come along in the past year since our last Meet The Maker feature, the gemstone work is certainly something to be admired but I’m sure we can all agree they’re even greater achievements to be celebrated this year: 

“I’ve started incorporating gemstones into my work, and I’m pregnant with my first child so that’s kinda major :)” 


Now, one of THE things we love about Sarah’s businesses is just how personal and intimate her favourite makes are. We couldn’t think of a better way for a goldsmith to gain satisfaction from their craft:


Chestnut rings-25 - Sarah-Jane Eganedit“Wedding rings, its really lovely knowing I’m making something so meaningful and thats going to be worn for years!”


What is your favourite thing about EML? 

Seeing so many makers who have become friends over the years, and of course the amazing stuff they make!


With a new team member expecting to join the Fragment Designs family we were in no doubt that Sarah would be focussing on creating a wishlist filled with wonderfully handmade products for herself and little baby bear to enjoy: 

“I’ve got my eye on one of Nellys Treasures new play mats, I love them!”

Owl Earrings (3 of 5) - Sarah-Jane EganeditWhen Sarah isn’t busy cwtching her fur babies or finishing off orders she loves to unwind in the garden, but has let us know that next year they are expanding into an allotment. So with any luck, she’ll be reaping the rewards of all her hard work and possibly sharing the odd bundle of veg with us. 


Meanwhile, you can find more of her wonderful jewellery on her Etsy store or catch up on all the behind the scenes details over on her Facebook or Instagram .


Immy’s Woocraft


Our second maker is the wonderfully creative and skilled Imants of Immy’s Woodcraft. We might say this every year but we are always amazed at the level of skill and detail that goes into each product. 

P1130037 - Imants GrinduliseditLet’s start it off easy. Tell us a little about yourself and your business. 

I’m a retired Civil Engineer who really enjoys working with wood to make a range of gifts and decorative items. I work to be myself with Welsh sourced woods ranging from Penderyn Whisky barrels to traditional hardwoods from South Wales forests.


We love that Imants uses locally sourced wood and repurposed whisky barrels, but we are a little curious as to whether he’s smuggled out a little angels share for himself before taking the barrel to the workshop.


“When I retired I borrowed a lathe with the aim of making a wooden pen and table legs – the pen led to my business, the table legs are yet to be made.”


Immy, tripple ring light 2 - Imants GrinduliseditWe have to say we’re a little saddened by the thought of there being a random lonely tabletop that’s missing its legs but have to admit we are happy to see that this distraction has lead to so many other wonderful creations. 


What skills or techniques do you need to create your products? 


woodturning and wood finishing are critical skill – one that I teach via a series of half day courses.

Immy, book wizard - Imants GrinduliseditImants been working pretty hard behind the scenes this year and has some incredible plans for 2020:

“This year has again been one of changes and new opportunities. A highlight is my ongoing discussions with the National Trust who should be stocking some of my products in some of there shops in the new year – some probably made from wood sourced from their sites.”


It’s always great to hear that one of our creatives has gotten into a major stockist and to have one that is so connected to his craft is a great milestone to be proud of. We wanted to know a little more about the background behind Immy’s woodcraft and where he thinks it’s heading: 

“It all started with the loan of a lathe to have a try and considerable investment to set up my own workshop. As to where I’m going, Its hard to tell as things seem to change every year.”

What is your favourite thing about EML? 

What a fantastic group of crafters – I always get some inspiration from EML events.

fountain pen - Imants GrinduliseditWe’re always excited to see Imants at our events and can’t wait to see what he has to offer us, His favourite make are Wooden pens made from Penderyn whisky barrel wood.  We almost have to agree that these are certainly making the list of gift ideas for our friends and family, all the time wishing someone would get one for us to use. 

When Imants isn’t busy building up his stock for National Trust or turning golden wood into pens he loves to unwind by rambling around woodlands or by the coast with his trusted dog by his side.

If you’d like to browse some of his other creations why not head over to his Etsy store, or Facebook and Instagram for more insight on how he makes these wonderful products. 

Come join us on the 30th of November, 10 am-5 pm at Cardiff City Hall for Cardiff and Valleys  Creatives 5th Etsy Made Local. For more information head over to our team’s FacebookInstagram and Twitter pages and show your interest on our Facebook event page.

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