We’re open!

We’re open! Etsy Made Local Cardiff is live! This is not a drill! 12290418_10206601796858503_1454806382_o

We opened at 9.30 this morning and lots of people have already found their way in! Come join them 🙂

We’ll be open everyday up to and including Christmas Eve!12290475_10206601796618497_1020237666_o

Opening Hours:

Mon-Sat 9.30-5.30

Sun 11-5


And don’t forget that Etsy Made Local Cardiff is a totally co-operative venture being run by the Cardiff and Valleys Etsy Sellers team, all expenses are shared and every penny you spend…except card transaction fees… goes directly to the maker!


We’d love to see your pictures when you visit, so please post to facebook or twitter or instagram using the #etsymadelocal and #cavetsy