Shop Speed Date

Several weeks ago we took over The Old Library in Caerphilly for a shop speed date event.

The premise was simple, each maker showed up with a computer/tablet and set it up with there Etsy shop open and some paper and pens next to it. Sitting in a roughly circular shape everyone moved one to the right and I started a clock to give them 5 minutes to critique the shop in front of them, at the end of 5 minutes I rang my gong …I had a lot of fun with that! And then they moved another station to the right, rinse and repeat.

So after an hour we had 10 critiques for each shop. …..Yes 10 by 5mins does not equal an hour, this was partly due to our roughly circular shape, it got confusing and just how into the process people got, unwilling to put down the pen and move on! Everyone got some great feedback on their shops and I got to boss people around so win win 🙂

And the lovely people at Etsy sent us a fab photographer Adrian Reilly to capture the evening, so enjoy 🙂


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