Meet the Maker – Karen Dawn Curtis

Another of the talented Etsy sellers you can find on Sunday at Etsy Made Local is ceramicist Karen of Karen Dawn Curtis who lives and works in Cardiff. Originally from Rushden, Northamptonshire, Karen has lived in Wales for 11 years and has been selling her ceramics on Etsy since April 2017.


Other than Etsy where else can we find your work?  (Your own website, other selling platforms, physical shops etc).

Website on Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest as @karendawncurtis

Sell at craft fairs and art market, check out website for full list.

Functional Art can be seen in Victoria Fearn Gallery, Cardiff; The Giles Gallery, Pontyclun in Wales.


il_570xN_1211826582_j0ebBesides your business what else are you known for?

My laugh and off the wall conversations


We live in such a mass produced, buy-it-now world, why should we continue to buy handmade?

The best way to protect the planet is to live a slower life and consume less so best to buy handmade products that will last you.


il_570xN_1311045744_ql56What are your top gifts for men?

NSB beakers Or NSB Happy Cups or for the coffee drinkers Double Espresso


What are your top gifts for women?

Tea Cup or Polite Tea Cup in their favourite colour.


What are you top gifts for children?

Tiny Pots they are fascinated by them!!!


il_570xN_1223790645_j3e1Who would be your dream celebrity customer?

Leonardo Dicaprio. He loves the environment and art and well….


What is your most memorable sale?

A Italian dancer bought a Spring Day Blue Polite Tea Cup for her father in Florence, Italy. Never thought I could be jealous of my work but I still would love to visit that Cup!!!


And finally, just for fun. Christmas tree – real or fake?



Find Karen and her ceramics at the Bierkeller this Sunday for Etsy’s Etsy Made Local pop-up shop.

Can’t make it, you can also find Karen here.

Etsy           Website               Facebook               Twitter               Instagram

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