Team Leader Kath of The Power Of Greyskull

I’m typing this on a Sunday afternoon, to go live Monday morning, by the time you read this we will have the keys to the shop in the Capitol centre and prep for Etsy Made Local will be well under-way! Very exciting stuff!

The last few weeks have been a blur of organisation and in the midst of it I never got finished gushing about the rest of the wonderful CAVETSY team Leaders; Kath and Shirley, even though the work they’ve been doing has just made me feel more and more like gushing! So let me tell you a little something about Kath 🙂

2015-11-13 Kaths Workroom 015Kath is the powerhouse behind the amazing the power of greyskull, and a true designer!

Predominantly she designs and makes leggings but , she’s also been know to make, leotards, crop tops, dog bandannas and skirts….I have my eye on some skirts!  She designs all the fabrics herself , with some very, very, cool designs and has them printed in Yorkshire on amazing quality fabric. Then each item is handmade, in her workshop in Penarth.

And because it’s all handmade and she’s such a talented designer, she does custom orders too, so you can have exactly the pattern and fit that you want!

I happily take the blame for Kaths involvement in CAVETSY. I met her at a yoga for good event organised by Yogafever in Cardiff, I was just there to do some yoga but people kept come over to tell me about this amazing stand with dinosaur leggings. I can’t imagine why people think of me when they see dinosaurs!

My legs in her leggings 🙂

Anyway I headed over to check out the leggings …I do now own a pair of the dinosaurs 🙂 …..and I instantly loved them, when you see them you can’t help but smile!

And the quality of the fabric and stitching means unlike so many other leggings I can actually get on my bike without that awful ripping noise! While covered in dinosaurs! ….of course she does do more then dinosaurs, I just think dinosaurs are brilliant! Perhaps not so surprising that everyone told me to go check out the dino leggings after all!

Obviously my favourite leggings of hers are my dinosaur leggings, but I was lucky enough to be at her workshop last week, while while she unrolled some new fabrics, it was all very exciting! And I’m loving her new Christmas range, can’t wait to see this fabric as a finished pair!

2015-11-13 Kaths Workroom 021
Sooo pretty

2015-11-13 Kaths Workroom 022Poor Kath, once I had spotted her, there was no escape! I told her all about Etsy and the Etsy Made Local shop and how well her leggings would fit in. She got herself on Etsy, joined the team and sent in her application for the pop up shop. She then volunteered to help with social media and took on just a little more and a little bit more until she because an integral part of the organising committee and a team leader. We would have been lost without her, and I’m so happy she joined up, she got us accountants, took over the oh so fun job of making us a company, she organised a bank account for us; which was a lot more work then we all expected! And she has taken over the role of merchandising the shop and I can’t wait to see what she comes up with!

Not a chance we would have pulled this off without her! So Cheers Kath, thank you so much, and hurry up and make those Christmas leggings so I can buy a pair!