Meet the Maker – Alexana Sculpture

Continuing our series of meet the makers next up we have Alexana Blott of Alexana Sculpture alexana-blott-press-image-3

Can you tell us a little about what you do?

I’m a metal sculptor specialising in figurative pieces inspired by nature. I love animals and flowers and just the general outdoors and I want to show that in every piece of work I make. My work is made entirely out of stainless steel cutlery. I love using cutlery for how versatile it is, and I think it adds a great quirky touch to my work!


How did you get started? alexana-blott-press-image-2

I started a few years ago in college, I’ve always loved scrap metal art and really wanted to so something inspired by it. I came across cutlery and fell in love with it immediately as a material, and have never looked back since.


Where are you from?

I’m originally from England, but came to Cardiff to study at University. I absolutely love Wales and adore Cardiff, I think its such a beautiful city. The architecture is stunning, and I love the amazing sense of history so much of Wales seems to have.


What’s your favourite part of what you do? 

Honestly, the actual process of making something is what I love. I find it so relaxing just being able to create something beautiful and see it build up before your eyes. Other than that though, I love going to markets, meeting new people and just seeing people enjoy my work!


What’s your favourite item to make? 

My absolute favourite piece to make repeatedly would be roses. They look so pretty so quickly, and I just love building a huge bouquet of them. They’re relatively simple, but I think they’re just so dainty and pretty.


What inspires you? 

Oh, anything really! The natural world is a huge inspiration for me obviously, I love studying animals and really getting to understand how they move and grow and different characters they can have. I’m also really inspired by so many other metal artists, my top 3 being Ptolomy of Hubcap creatures, Jesse Meyer and Walenty Pytel.



What was your proudest moment? 

Without a doubt, it would have to be my final degree show at University. I had started with the idea of making 5 -8 sculptures. I ended with 100 birds all hanging from the ceiling in an enormous flock and a huge life-size eagle watching them. I was so pleased with how it looked and the response I got was amazing. It was so much work but it paid off and I absolutely loved it to pieces.



If you could pass any law what would it be?

That all places of work and education have Kitten and Puppy rooms where you can go to relax and cuddle some fluffy babies on your breaks.


If you won a million pounds what would you do? 

Buy a lot of cutlery. Like the really nice, expensive copper cutlery in Ikea. And I’d buy a cake stall and give random people free cake because everyone needs free cake sometimes.


You can find Alexana on Etsy at any time, and of course she will be with us at Tramshed on the 4th of December with her amazing makes!


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