Meet the Maker – Xandra Jane

Next up on our meet the makers series we have Alexandra of Xandra Jane.


Can you tell us a little about what you do?dsc_0010-2

I’m the founder and creative director of Xandra Jane, working towards reconnecting my customer to their clothing whilst rebelling against fast fashion. Xandra Jane is sustainable, contemporary and rebellious & the finalist for Sustainability Champion 2016. Our debut collection approaches gender fluidity with zero waste on textiles at the forefront of its aesthetic, consider your chunky knitwear reinvented and elevate your winter wardrobe.


How did you get started?

I’m a fashion designer having studied and worked in London, I’ve come home to Wales to pursue my own clothing line exercising the morals and ethics in the industry I feel are otherwise lacking (like 100% traceability of your clothes!)

Where are you from? 

Yes, I went to Cowbridge Comprehensive School before studying fashion in London and working for brands such as AllSaints and KTZ. I now live in Cardiff and work on Newport Road in my atelier based in The Old Church, supporting local fashion students and working alongside the USW fashion course offering opportunities for young creatives. I feel the high end fashion scene is yet to be harnessed in Wales and would love to be a pioneer taking luxury, contemporary and sustainable fashion forward in my creative homeland.


What’s your favourite part of what you do? 

Problem solving. A fashion designer should create new and innovative garments which also solve problems. The industry is second only to oil for how polluting it is to our environment and Xandra Jane tackles this head on whilst providing luxury clothing for the modern day consumer.

What’s your favourite item to make?il_570xn-1092012769_15a2

The iconic jersey knit jumper – this is where my labour of love began and the exploration into gender fluidity really took shape. The yarn is hand crafted in the studio and a single jumper takes over 3 days to construct. The result is an elevated, reinvented knitwear piece to really add that sense of luxury to an otherwise staple wardrobe piece. I am also looking to exclusively sell a preview of my SS17 accessory line at the etsy event, which will reveal the upcycled creations I have in store for March release.

What inspires you? 

My approach to clothing stems from unusual, original concepts enhanced by cultural interests and revolves around sustainable design.

What was your proudest moment? 

I am currently a finalist for Sustainability Champion 2016 which is pretty incredible seeing as my clothing line isn’t even a year old!


If you could pass any law what would it be? 

A global living wage


If you won a million pounds what would you do? 

Treat my dad to his beloved Aston Martin, allow my sister to take further time off work to spend with her first born Freddie, buy myself a new phone and invest the rest into Xandra Jane and property etc.


You can find Alexandra on Etsy at any time, and of course she will be with us at Tramshed on the 4th of December with her amazing makes!


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