Meet the Maker – Sally Hands


Todays meet the maker is Sally Hands.



Can you tell us a little about what you do?

I am a wood engraver printmaker known for my Swansea and South Wales landscapes. I have exhibited with the Society of Wood Engravers in London, Seattle and Beijing.
My black and white limited edition prints capture details of industrial coastlines and wild Wales.


How did you get started?

I am an Edinburgh Art College graduate and I worked as a textile artist earlier on. My love for engraving has developed over the last 5 years. I am particularly interested in the Swansea cityscape.


Where are you from? 

I have lived in Wales for over 20 years and fell in love with the Swansea landscape. I’ve lived all over the world before that and I hope to stay in Swansea for the rest of my life.



What’s your favourite part of what you do? 

Having a job that is a vocation. I’ll never give it up!


What’s your favourite item to make?im_on_the_bus001

I love drawing Swansea streets and houses, particularly viewed from a hill. 


What inspires you? 

The sea and little terraced houses.


What was your proudest moment? 

When I was a textile artist I sold 5 sweaters to Elizabeth Taylor.



You can find Sally on Etsy at any time, and of course she will be with us at Tramshed on the 4th of December with her amazing makes!


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