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Todays meet the makers is Paula of p&d designs.



Can you tell us a little about what you do?

I design and create textile jewellery mainly from cloth and yarn, sometimes including metal hardware. By braiding pre-loved sari silks, cottons and a mix of natural jute and metallic twines, I create statement pieces that focus on colour, texture and structure.
I’m also a wife and mother to two adorable young boys


How did you get started?

I’ve always been creative ever since my childhood and studied constructed textiles at Degree level some years ago, the passion for colour and texture has never left! But I also love jewellery of all kinds so it seemed natural for me to combine the two.
My husband then gave me a gentle nudge a couple of years ago to start taking my craft seriously by giving me some p&d branded stamps, labels etc as a Christmas present and that’s when p&d was properly born!

Where are you from? 

I grew up in Cornwall, studied in Birmingham, lived in London for 5 years working in the luxury textile industry then moved to Cardiff in 2006 with my then boyfriend because we wanted to start a new life and loved the combination of city and nearby coastal life that South Wales could offer.
My father’s side of the family is Welsh and my sister already lived here so I already had a great affinity with the area. We now live in Barry and spend as much time as we can at the gorgeous beaches up and down the local coast.


What’s your favourite part of what you do? 

Creating something unique that you’ve put your heart and soul into and then having someone else choose it because they love it – knowing that people are enjoying wearing my jewellery is a fantastic feeling.

il_570xn-1055956711_sdriWhat’s your favourite item to make?

The majority of my pieces involve some form of braiding so I guess it’s this element rather than a specific item, I find it really therapeutic and love seeing the cloth/yarn combinations coming to life as they’re entwined.

What inspires you? 

The incredible colours, textures and structures found in nature. Artist Howard Hodgkin, sculptor Barbara Hepworth, my children.

What was your proudest moment? 

Having a high end local gift shop believe in me enough to stock my jewellery when I was first starting.


If you won a million pounds what would you do? 

 Let my husband build his `grand design’, help my family and open a shop where I could sell my jewellery along with other great makers work.


You can find Paula on Etsy at any time, and of course she will be with us at Tramshed on the 4th of December with her amazing makes!


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