The Happy Hive

The Happy Hive is a tiny business in Wales UK run by Beekeepers with a passion for the environment & all things natural. When The Head Bee-keeper had to give up her career as a Medic because of an inconvenient muscle/heart disease of her own she felt a bit lost. Her Bees led her to a new path in life. Dr Lidstone has carefully researched & developed the formulae for all products you now see here on Etsy and the extended range on our main website Finding chemical-free products that are effective and a pleasure to use shouldn’t be that difficult- and it isn’t now that you’ve found The Happy Hive! But seriously, that is our mission, to bring you beautiful products without the chemicals. And also without the plastic. We are frankly disgusted by the amount of plastic out there. We package all our products in a recyclable tin or glass containers, and we are more than happy to recycle for you or refill. We are constantly developing our range, if you are interested in becoming a part of our family of testers, or volunteering with us, drop us an email at